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Rev Log message Author Age Path
7 - updated Interface version number for Legion
- fix for anchor not showing
Seerah-39096 1476d 12h 29m /trunk/
6 - updated TOC number for WoD Seerah-39096 2120d 12h 14m /trunk/
5 - updated TOC for MoP Seerah-39096 2908d 17h 50m /trunk/
4 - bumped TOC to 40300
- can condense boss emotes into raid warning frame
- bg frames for all three message frames and test messages when toggling /moe
Seerah-39096 3072d 11h 32m /trunk/
3 - fix for positioning error (still no code to separate other message frames from the errors frame) Seerah-39096 3203d 09h 38m /trunk/
2 - initial import Seerah-39096 3231d 12h 42m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3231d 12h 44m /trunk/