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Rev Log message Author Age Path
17 Update lib ace.
Add some default panel.
Fix an issue on loggin.
Tomate-202285 770d 22h 54m /trunk/
16 Fix to removed frame. Tomate-202285 802d 02h 57m /trunk/
15 Update for 8.0 Tomate-202285 802d 12h 13m /trunk/
14 Tomate-202285 1193d 15h 29m /trunk/
13 Remove uneeded localization files. Tomate-202285 1466d 01h 25m /trunk/
12 -Code styling
-Remove quest tracker frame
Tomate-202285 1516d 21h 36m /trunk/
11 -Add missing frame.
-Fix issue with resolution detection.
-Update Ace library
Tomate-202285 1516d 23h 07m /trunk/
10 Tomate-202285 1528d 12h 13m /trunk/
9 Some frame added. Tomate-202285 1530d 16h 26m /trunk/
8 Add TradeFrame Tomate-202285 1589d 14h 06m /trunk/
7 Update for Legion.
Add missing lib CallbackHandler-1.0
Tomate-202285 1598d 10h 15m /trunk/
6 Version 3.0
Add nameplate hack fix.
Tomate-202285 1661d 11h 56m /trunk/
5 Fix version verification for default setting.
Add DressUpFrame to default moved frame.
Tomate-202285 1662d 17h 17m /trunk/
4 add wowi:dirname protperty. Tomate-202285 1664d 21h 27m /trunk/
3 Version 2.0 Tomate-202285 1668d 10h 45m /trunk/
2 Tomate-202285 1669d 15h 47m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 1669d 20h 33m /trunk/