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183 Add tag 0.10 alpha lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 41m /tags/0.10 alpha/
27 Bumped version numnber to 0.10 alpha. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 52m /trunk/
26 Switched unformat to use new functions patternFromFormat and superFind.
- Added dash in formatting function RollText.
lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 52m /trunk/
25 Added automatic enabling of detailed loot information. Resets to original value on disable/logout. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 52m /trunk/
24 Added patternFromFormat and superFind functions for using format strings to match and extract the variable bits from formatted messages. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 52m /trunk/
23 Fixed chat filter to use correct event names. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 52m /trunk/
22 Added filter for loot roll messages.
- Moved registration of PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event to OnEnable
- Moved ToggleDisplay function to tooltip display section
- Added comments clarifying what each section is about
lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 52m /trunk/
21 Added shift-click to attach/detach tooltip. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 52m /trunk/
20 Remember display state of detached tooltip. Added minimap icon.
- Modified some text strings.
- Rearranged config page layout.
lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
19 Fixed ordering of toc contents. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
18 Changed toc version to 0.9 for release. Added localization to text strings.
- Added AceConsole to repo.
lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
17 Added shift click to text links and icons to insert the link into the chat box. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
16 Made display of text links optional. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
15 Handles receipt of disenchanted items.
- Changed RecordReceived to take additional argument player.
lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
14 Improved Databroker support. Added option to attach / detach tooltip. Added page # text.
- Added handlers for OnEnter and OnLeave.
- Right click opens configuration window.
- Changed nitems to nItems.
- Display info tooltip when report window is detached.
lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
13 Renamed some stragglers. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
12 Renamed addon to NeedyGreedy. Renamed report.firstitem to report.firstItem. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
11 Removed all code that is used to display the old report style. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
10 Fixed another bug when changing number of displayed items. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/
9 Added item tooltips to icon headers. lokyst-32688 3217d 23h 53m /trunk/

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