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159 Add tag 1.0.1 lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 01m /tags/1.0.1/
47 Bumped toc version to 1.0.1 for release. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
46 Fixed column out of range bug. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
45 Bumped toc version to 1.0 for release. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
44 Fixed a Hide Non-Members not refreshing the name list. Fixed error if ClearItems was called when detached tooltip is hidden. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
43 Removed debugging output. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
42 Fixed display of non-member rolls.
- New item list for TestItemList.
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
41 Fixed line height when using icons for roll indicators.
- Changed icon for pass.
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
40 Watch event UNIT_CLASSIFICATION_CHANGED so that we can determine clas. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
39 Lowered threshold for item received checks to common because disenchanted items can be white.
- Increased expiry timer to 10s.
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
38 Added function SetItems which takes an item list and puts it into the local item table.
- Changed table resets to use wipe()
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 11m /trunk/
37 Added option to show rolls of party members that are no longer in the group.
- Corrected test function string formatting to match current output.
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
36 Rearranged configuration options. Added default setting for hideInCombat. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
35 Added option to auto-hide when entering combat. Added slash command /ng lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
34 Added option to only show when in a party.
- Added DisplayRollTableCheck function which returns true if the roll table tooltip contents should be displayed, and false if not.
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
33 Separated out profile configuration onto new page. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
32 Roll table layout tweaks.
- Made title column span width of table.
- Added blank line between icon / item header and rolls.
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
31 Fixed issue with some items not being recorded as being received.
- Added code to strip out itemID from item link.
- Added shortcircuit code that checks the quality before iterating through the item table.
lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
30 Changed default loot quality to superior. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/
29 Removed unused code for left and right arrows in the popup tooltip. lokyst-32688 3274d 22h 12m /trunk/

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