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157 Add tag 1.1 lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 20m /tags/1.1/
62 Bumped toc version to 1.1 for release. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 29m /trunk/
61 Added option to automatically display the detached window when an item is being rolled on.
- Created function CheckDisplayOptions to be used when forcing display of detached tooltip with ShowDetachedTooltip
- Changed function DisplayDetachedTTCheck to be used with RefreshTooltip
lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
60 Separated out configuration options specific to detached window into a tab.
- Updated descriptions to reflect which options are specific to the detached window
lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
59 Added missing DisplayDetachedTTCheck() to shift click condition check. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
58 Changed the way NG checks if detached tooltip should be displayed.
- Renamed profile variable displayDetached to detachedIsShown
- Variable detachedIsShown is now only get and set on PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD and PLAYER_LEAVING_WORLD to be more in line with its intended use
- Removed other references to displayDetached
- Renamed function DisplayRollTableCheck() to DisplayDetachedTTCheck()
- Removed DisplayDetachedTTCheck() from inside ShowDetachedTooltip() and put the check before ShowDetachedTooltip is called
lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
57 Removed redundant localization for pager text. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
56 Reduced the amount of empty space used by the detached tooltip. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
55 Fixed a bug that caused the detached window to grow when zoning. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
54 Removed debugging code. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
53 Added close button to detached tooltip. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
52 Added report summary of wins accessible via /ng report.
- Added generic slash command handler
lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
51 Fixed shift-click to re-attach window not resetting to first item. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
50 Improved separation of tooltip construction. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
49 Bumped toc version to 1.0.2 for release. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
48 Fixed typo in Expiry function.
- Commented out debug code.
lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
47 Bumped toc version to 1.0.1 for release. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
46 Fixed column out of range bug. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
45 Bumped toc version to 1.0 for release. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/
44 Fixed a Hide Non-Members not refreshing the name list. Fixed error if ClearItems was called when detached tooltip is hidden. lokyst-32688 3207d 00h 30m /trunk/

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