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160 Add tag 1.2 lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 41m /tags/1.2/
81 Commented out test functions. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 50m /trunk/
80 Fixed ghost detection on PLAYER_ALIVE event. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 50m /trunk/
79 Added option to reset when entering an instance.
- Does not ask if unit is making a graveyard run
lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 50m /trunk/
78 Made reset in party work with raid groups lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 50m /trunk/
77 Bumped toc version to 1.2.0 for release. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 50m /trunk/
76 Unset frame scripts when hiding detached tooltips. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 50m /trunk/
75 Updated to LibQTip r130. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 50m /trunk/
74 Fixed attached tooltip not changing to info text when detach tooltip was toggled from the config menu. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
73 Fixed TestItemList to refresh correctly. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
72 Set minimum column width accoridng to longest player name. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
71 Added paging to attached tooltip. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
70 Added reset slash command. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
69 Fixed a bug where entering a new instance would overwrite old items list since RollIDs reset when entering a new instance.
- Changed items to an indexed table
- Changed test item list to be an indexed table
lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
68 Added dropdown selection for how to handle resetting when joining a new party. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
67 Fixed reset on join party. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
66 Added option to reset item data when joining a new group. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
65 Fixed issue with item tooltips not displaying.
- Fetch class colors from RAID_CLASS_COLORS
- Set col width according toCOL_MIN_WIDTH
lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
64 Added colored borders indicating item quality around item icons.
- Created ItemCell provider for use with LibQTip
lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/
63 Color cell according to item quality. lokyst-32688 3273d 22h 51m /trunk/

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