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167 Add tag 1.7.0 lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 26m /tags/1.7.0/NeedyGreedy.lua
142 Added registered sounds and fixed presets lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 28m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
141 Added option to play sound when rolling is complete
- Added TestCleanUp unit test function
lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 28m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
131 Added options to modify detached tooltip background and border colors lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 28m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
129 Use variable argument correctly in ChatFilter event handler. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 28m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
124 Updated to LibQTip r139.
- Added missing getContentHeight functionfor custom cell definition.
lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 33m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
123 Added option to display the loot method in the databroker feed. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 33m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
121 Separated chat and UI configuration options for more customizability. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 33m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
120 Removed leftover debugging code. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
118 Fixed bug where highlight self would color entire column. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
117 Fix for not remembering highlight winner color. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
115 Fixed bug where chat filter was not working properly. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
113 Added option to highlight winner and specify color. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
112 Added option to highlight rolls won by self. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
111 Added option to print a summary of the loot roll to the chat frame. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
110 Highlight winning roll in green. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
108 Fixed for NeedyGreedy truncating additional arguments to the chat message event. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
106 Nil the ROLL_TIMER if a new item is looted while waiting for a script to expire. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
105 Fixed a bug with CancelTimer. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
103 Added a configurable delay befiore hiding the detached tooltip after all rolls have been processed. lokyst-32688 3327d 14h 34m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua

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