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165 Add tag 1.8.0 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 20m /tags/1.8.0/
146 Bumped toc and version for release lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
145 Updated to Ace3 r1041 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
144 Added bandaid fix for rolls being equal to nil
- Added config options to enable debug messages
lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
143 Bumped toc to 1.7.0 for release lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
142 Added registered sounds and fixed presets lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
141 Added option to play sound when rolling is complete
- Added TestCleanUp unit test function
lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
140 Added LibSharedMedia-3.0 and AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
139 Updated to LibQTip-1.0-r152 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 21m /trunk/
138 Updated to LibDBIcon-1.0-r20 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
137 Updated to Ace3-r1032 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
136 Updated interface number for 4.2 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
135 Updated to LibDBIcon r18 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
134 Updated to Ace3 r1009 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
133 Update to LibQTip r150 lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
132 Bumped toc version to 1.6.0 for release lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
131 Added options to modify detached tooltip background and border colors lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
130 Bumped toc to 1.5.6 for release. lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
129 Use variable argument correctly in ChatFilter event handler. lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/
128 Updated Ace3 to release-r971. lokyst-32688 3217d 21h 22m /trunk/

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