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Rev Log message Author Age Path
217 Add option to lock minimap button lokyst-32688 3228d 05h 39m /trunk/Localization/
205 Added max height option with scroll bar support lokyst-32688 3239d 04h 49m /trunk/Localization/
189 Limit the maximum number of events
- Modified tabletostring format to be drop-in replacement
lokyst-32688 3246d 22h 16m /trunk/Localization/
152 Added event logging lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 25m /trunk/Localization/
144 Added bandaid fix for rolls being equal to nil
- Added config options to enable debug messages
lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 26m /trunk/Localization/
141 Added option to play sound when rolling is complete
- Added TestCleanUp unit test function
lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 26m /trunk/Localization/
131 Added options to modify detached tooltip background and border colors lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 26m /trunk/Localization/
123 Added option to display the loot method in the databroker feed. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 31m /trunk/Localization/
121 Separated chat and UI configuration options for more customizability. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 31m /trunk/Localization/
113 Added option to highlight winner and specify color. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 32m /trunk/Localization/
112 Added option to highlight rolls won by self. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 32m /trunk/Localization/
111 Added option to print a summary of the loot roll to the chat frame. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 32m /trunk/Localization/
103 Added a configurable delay befiore hiding the detached tooltip after all rolls have been processed. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 32m /trunk/Localization/
96 Added option to suppress the display of the LibDataBroker tooltip when in a raid. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 32m /trunk/Localization/
93 Added option to lock position of detached tooltip. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 33m /trunk/Localization/
92 Moved detached tooltip options into their own page. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 33m /trunk/Localization/
91 Added option to scale detached tooltip. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 33m /trunk/Localization/
90 Changed party option so that it doesn't require a party in order to show the tooltip. lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 33m /trunk/Localization/
84 Added slash commands for hiding and showing detached tooltip.
- Moved to Ace options table format for slash commands
lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 33m /trunk/Localization/
79 Added option to reset when entering an instance.
- Does not ask if unit is making a graveyard run
lokyst-32688 3247d 06h 33m /trunk/Localization/

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