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113 Added option to highlight winner and specify color. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
112 Added option to highlight rolls won by self. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
111 Added option to print a summary of the loot roll to the chat frame. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
110 Highlight winning roll in green. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
108 Fixed for NeedyGreedy truncating additional arguments to the chat message event. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
106 Nil the ROLL_TIMER if a new item is looted while waiting for a script to expire. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
105 Fixed a bug with CancelTimer. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
103 Added a configurable delay befiore hiding the detached tooltip after all rolls have been processed. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
102 Possibly fixed bug with corrupted tooltip border textures. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
99 Changed the way chat messages are parsed. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
98 Hopefully a more thorough fix for the NeedyGreedy reset dialog popping up during instances. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
96 Added option to suppress the display of the LibDataBroker tooltip when in a raid. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
94 Fixed bug where the state of the detached tooltip would be forgotten when toggling the tooltip via the libDataBroker icon.
- Renamed detachedTooltipDisplayStatus to displayStatus
lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
93 Added option to lock position of detached tooltip. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
92 Moved detached tooltip options into their own page. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
91 Added option to scale detached tooltip. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
90 Changed party option so that it doesn't require a party in order to show the tooltip. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
88 Fixed a bug where the detached tooltip would pop up during combat if an item is being rolled on but the tooltip had been closed manually.
- If Auto Popup is enabled, then the display of the detached tooltip will timeout after a maximum of the rolltime + 1 minute, if the tooltip is not manually hidden before then
lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
86 Fixed a bug where the reset dialog would pop up during the Prophet Tharonja fight. lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
84 Added slash commands for hiding and showing detached tooltip.
- Moved to Ace options table format for slash commands
lokyst-32688 3272d 23h 43m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua

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