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227 Added option under UI Options to display the winner at the top of the table. Bumped toc for release. lokyst-32688 3199d 21h 50m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
225 Tweaks to master looter ldb text display lokyst-32688 3219d 05h 05m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
221 Fixed crash when no minimap icon found. Bumped toc for release. lokyst-32688 3227d 16h 36m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
217 Add option to lock minimap button lokyst-32688 3228d 04h 32m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
214 Added fix for crash when quality returned from GetItemInfo is nil lokyst-32688 3236d 20h 18m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
209 Resized default maxHeight to 280 to accommodate 5 anems + headers and footers lokyst-32688 3239d 03h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
208 Include CHAT_MSG_TABLE in NeedyGreedy to expose it to NGTest lokyst-32688 3239d 03h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
207 Modifications to work with NeedyGreedy_TestSuite lokyst-32688 3239d 03h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
206 Added function to expose local variables to other addons. lokyst-32688 3239d 03h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
205 Added max height option with scroll bar support lokyst-32688 3239d 03h 42m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
202 Get snapshots of nameList every time a new roll is started and print that inside the DebugLog lokyst-32688 3239d 15h 21m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
201 Fix for printing nil tables lokyst-32688 3239d 15h 21m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
200 Improvements to table printing for debug log lokyst-32688 3239d 15h 21m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
199 Fix for ineligible players having blank rows. lokyst-32688 3239d 15h 21m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
198 Reverted to r163 lokyst-32688 3239d 15h 22m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
196 Record event log in savedvariables lokyst-32688 3244d 14h 25m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
194 Removed mangled unicode characters lokyst-32688 3246d 02h 08m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
193 Code cleanup lokyst-32688 3246d 02h 08m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
192 Remove item counts from links post sanitize lokyst-32688 3246d 02h 09m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua
191 Move ChatMsgLootParser into it's own function with a return value lokyst-32688 3246d 02h 09m /trunk/NeedyGreedy.lua

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