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41 Tagging as release version 1.4 Niightblade-44338 3378d 00h 46m /tags/version-1.4/
40 * fix for another addition to COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED
* bump interface version to 4.2
Niightblade-44338 3378d 00h 47m /trunk/
39 changelog zz Niightblade-44338 3440d 01h 23m /trunk/
36 Niightblade-44338 3440d 01h 27m /trunk/
33 add some Ace lib files i missed ... Niightblade-44338 3440d 01h 32m /trunk/
30 * del old Ace stuff. Niightblade-44338 3440d 02h 11m /trunk/
29 * New Ace libs Niightblade-44338 3440d 02h 13m /trunk/
27 1.3 2011-04-28
* bump interface version to 4.1
Niightblade-44338 3440d 02h 36m /trunk/
25 * bump version number (nearly forgot again) Niightblade-44338 3637d 19h 48m /trunk/
24 * Bump interface version number for 4.0.1
* fix little typo
Niightblade-44338 3637d 19h 55m /trunk/
23 * Bump version number. Forgot to do this last release. oops.
* Bump Interface number to indicate compatibility with Cata Beta.
* Add tags for AddonControlPanel Cata Beta version.
Niightblade-44338 3675d 02h 39m /trunk/
21 * adjust message default Niightblade-44338 3688d 02h 49m /trunk/
20 * add slightly nicer flag & message defaults Niightblade-44338 3688d 02h 52m /trunk/
19 * partial fix for res spell target not showing in combatlog. gg bliz. Niightblade-44338 3688d 04h 02m /trunk/
18 * minor clean up upvalues Niightblade-44338 3688d 10h 02m /trunk/
17 * fixed resurrection spells not showing target (gg bliz) Niightblade-44338 3688d 10h 08m /trunk/
16 * fixed outputs not updating on profile changes
* fixed error from previous commit (db upgrade version check)
Niightblade-44338 3688d 10h 47m /trunk/
15 * minor fix db upgrade code running on every profile change Niightblade-44338 3688d 11h 07m /trunk/
13 Bump version number to 1.0 yay! Niightblade-44338 3734d 01h 09m /trunk/
12 New (and customised) LibSink: Built-in support for custom channels, new "Group" channel (sends output to Raid or Party or Say). Niightblade-44338 3734d 01h 10m /trunk/

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