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Rev Log message Author Age Path
13 Bump version number to 1.0 yay! Niightblade-44338 3793d 05h 51m /trunk/NightWatch.toc
9 Remove obsolete data (sink storage) from previous versions (=<0.7) Niightblade-44338 3869d 23h 20m /trunk/NightWatch.toc
8 * Add 2 additional outputs (streamlined the code a bit too) Niightblade-44338 3877d 06h 03m /trunk/NightWatch.toc
7 * attempt to get packager to make correct zip dir structure
* very minor function upvalue
Niightblade-44338 3880d 00h 58m /trunk/NightWatch.toc
6 add message format copy, paste, set all and reset Niightblade-44338 3880d 21h 20m /trunk/NightWatch.toc
5 Niightblade-44338 3880d 22h 23m /trunk/NightWatch.toc
2 Niightblade-44338 3880d 22h 35m /NightWatch.toc