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Rev Log message Author Age Path
23 See https://github.com/Phanx/NoGuild for further development Phanx-28751 2179d 08h 25m /trunk/
22 - Update list of guild perks Phanx-28751 2190d 16h 14m /trunk/
21 - Debug off Phanx-28751 2193d 23h 19m /trunk/
20 - Booleans, überhaubt booleans! Phanx-28751 2196d 10h 31m /trunk/
19 - Keyword update, Germans stahp Phanx-28751 2202d 04h 16m /trunk/
18 - TOC 60000 Phanx-28751 2206d 08h 54m /trunk/
17 - Keyword adjustments for deDE Phanx-28751 2210d 06h 53m /trunk/
16 - Recommend Bugger instead of BugSack Phanx-28751 2218d 14h 48m /trunk/
15 - License update Phanx-28751 2227d 14h 47m /trunk/
14 - Add license, leeches DIAF. Phanx-28751 2275d 09h 36m /trunk/
13 - Remove L0, increase score for L1
- Store state between sessions, auto-enable "decline guild invites" for unguilded new users
Phanx-28751 2387d 11h 04m /trunk/
12 - Add a L0 table to super-blacklist "guild" Phanx-28751 2395d 07h 23m /trunk/
11 - Update DE keywords Phanx-28751 2433d 13h 39m /trunk/
10 - Tweak some German keywords Phanx-28751 2465d 06h 33m /trunk/
9 Add some German keywords Phanx-28751 2493d 06h 33m /trunk/
8 - Add wowi:dirname property Phanx-28751 2524d 21h 25m /trunk/
7 - Add WoWI project ID Phanx-28751 2524d 21h 52m /trunk/
6 - Remove debug prints
- Remove unnecessary upvalues
Phanx-28751 2524d 21h 55m /trunk/
5 - Move enable check out of filter Phanx-28751 2524d 21h 58m /trunk/
4 - Fix saved vars intialization Phanx-28751 2525d 00h 57m /trunk/

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