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- Renamed ToC file name
- Added OptionalDeps: LibStub to ToC
arith-179865 1584d 01h 47m /trunk/
20 - added version number to EasyMenu
- renamed packaged folder name to !NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu
- No impact to addons which embedded this lib
- For users who installed this lib separately, please remove the old "NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu" folder
arith-179865 1589d 16h 59m /trunk/
18 revision's version number changed arith-179865 1596d 21h 37m /trunk/
17 - added LibStub to set library's version arith-179865 1596d 21h 46m /trunk/
16 added UIDropDownMenu.xml;
removed customized codes in creating buttons;
removed customized codes in Lib_UIDropDownMenu_AddButton()
arith-179865 1597d 01h 28m /trunk/
14 fixed the loading order in ToC if this get installed separately. arith-179865 1611d 18h 27m /trunk/
12 update toc so that it should run well if user install it separately arith-179865 1622d 00h 57m /trunk/
10 fixed the issue when dropdown menu has more than 1 level arith-179865 1647d 23h 39m /trunk/
8 lib update to sync with WoW
TOC update to support WoW 7.2.0
arith-179865 1648d 14h 47m /trunk/
7 fixes with listframe width arith-179865 1734d 00h 47m /trunk/
6 some minor enhancement in logical operation:
Lib_UIDropDownMenu_AddButton - index's value; width and maxWidth's values
arith-179865 1734d 02h 19m /trunk/
5 update to arith-179865 1794d 04h 52m /trunk/
4 added TOC arith-179865 1894d 14h 50m /trunk/
3 minor update to synch with arith-179865 1894d 15h 01m /trunk/
2 added files which in-synch with WoW arith-179865 1920d 15h 43m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 1920d 15h 56m /trunk/