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44 OneCompanion:
-AddonLoader support
Mera-92869 4080d 18h 49m /
43 OneCompanion:
-frFR update
Mera-92869 4102d 11h 16m /
42 OneCompanion:
-toc update
Mera-92869 4154d 05h 49m /
41 OneCompanion:
-fixed locals issue, thanks contramundi
Mera-92869 4155d 09h 51m /
40 OneCompanion:
-performance fixe to recent changes to not use extra memory when not required else the overall memory use is small, less than 200KB
Mera-92869 4155d 23h 44m /
39 OneCompanion:
-small update to recent changes
Mera-92869 4156d 00h 55m /
38 OneCompanion:
-version update
Mera-92869 4156d 06h 01m /
37 OneCompanion:
-fixed bug mixing up icons & buttons after deleting the /cache/ folder or client update
-updated svn and www infos
Mera-92869 4156d 06h 25m /
36 OneCompanion:
-updated externals
-recognizing mount enchants but NYI
-draggable buttons for actionbar shortcuts
Mera-92869 4182d 10h 13m /
35 OneCompanion:
-more options
-more sexy
Mera-92869 4224d 20h 44m /
34 OneCompanion:
-added option to change border styles
-fixed a tooltip not hiding
Mera-92869 4226d 02h 07m /
33 OneCompanion:
-added cooldown frames
-added customizable frame for previewing companions
Mera-92869 4227d 00h 52m /
32 OneCompanion:
-fixed typo
Mera-92869 4228d 08h 10m /
31 OneCompanion:
-added ChatEdit_InsertLink()
Mera-92869 4228d 10h 06m /
30 OneCompanion:
-added tooltips, DismissCompanion
-updated ace3 externals
Mera-92869 4228d 10h 54m /
29 OneCompanion:
-bugfix & update
Mera-92869 4230d 10h 58m /
28 OneCompanion:
-GetCVar("UberTooltips") compatibility
-scale option for breanni button
Mera-92869 4231d 20h 42m /
27 OneCompanion:
-bugfix & updates
Mera-92869 4231d 22h 47m /
26 OneCompanion:
-adding externals
Mera-92869 4232d 11h 17m /
25 OneCompanion:
-deleting embeded libs
Mera-92869 4232d 11h 25m /

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