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586 delete sigg-109479 4426d 13h 00m /branches/
585 Move to trunk 8.0 sigg-109479 4426d 13h 01m /branches/
584 Move 7.4 to branch sigg-109479 4426d 13h 01m /branches/
583 Add 7.4 sigg-109479 4426d 13h 02m /branches/
582 last fixs sigg-109479 4426d 13h 07m /branches/
581 Fixs sigg-109479 4426d 14h 10m /branches/
580 fix always show sigg-109479 4426d 15h 39m /branches/
579 Fix : show lock/unlock frames with no unit sigg-109479 4426d 15h 39m /branches/
578 Update 8.0.0 beta 1 sigg-109479 4427d 01h 25m /branches/
577 Some fixs
Move builtin inside OOBE WoWRDX
sigg-109479 4428d 06h 25m /branches/
576 Updated Scripted/Generic vars so TimerVar's can be created in a generic fashion. When making a generic TimerVar, several variables are exposed:


This allows users to create complex timer vars that will function with timer text/bar shaders.
Cidan-40189 4428d 16h 34m /branches/
575 bugs fix, add option to hide raidframes sigg-109479 4430d 02h 55m /branches/
574 modify RDX settings, add perfect pixel as global option sigg-109479 4431d 23h 52m /branches/
573 fix rebuild secured aura sigg-109479 4432d 23h 49m /branches/
572 beta 02 sigg-109479 4432d 23h 59m /branches/
571 fixs VFL sigg-109479 4433d 00h 17m /branches/
570 Add windows cpu time when profile activated sigg-109479 4433d 00h 22m /branches/
569 fix player status icon sigg-109479 4434d 04h 48m /branches/
568 Fix closing auraengine
Fix relative docking
sigg-109479 4435d 13h 28m /branches/
567 Add font default 6 sigg-109479 4435d 13h 53m /branches/

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