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5 EVmaker:
Forgot to update the version in the mod and readme..
EVmaker-98157 3911d 18h 23m /trunk/
4 EVmaker:
0.03 Release. TOC Update.
EVmaker-98157 3911d 18h 33m /trunk/
3 EVmaker:
0.02b Release. 3.2 Compatibility and TOC Update.
EVmaker-98157 4100d 23h 54m /trunk/
2 EVmaker:
0.01b Release. Initial release, has the PVP Timer window which displays the time remaining on your pvp counter, colored by faction (red and yellow for horde, blue and yellow for alliance). Slash options for whether to show the window constantly (/pvpt toggle window) and to turn the mod itself on or off (pvpt toggle pvptimer). Mod is also already 3.2 Compatible.
EVmaker-98157 4137d 11h 18m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4137d 11h 20m /trunk/