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Rev Log message Author Age Path
14 0.4.1 Zip Push
Added count text next to close button
Syzgyn-40270 5181d 06h 53m /trunk/
13 Added fix for people with actual pets. The crybabies. Syzgyn-40270 5279d 00h 35m /trunk/
12 TOC update
0.3 Zip Push
Syzgyn-40270 5279d 01h 18m /trunk/
11 Added tooltips on button MouseOver
Added random pet button, PetListClickRandom. Only shown on pet frame.
Syzgyn-40270 5279d 01h 19m /trunk/
10 Fixed bug with dragging spells on to your bars.
0.2 Zip Push.
Syzgyn-40270 5295d 09h 31m /trunk/
9 Updated SVN properties for zip push. Syzgyn-40270 5297d 05h 07m /trunk/
8 Added model manipulation stuff. Syzgyn-40270 5297d 05h 20m /trunk/
7 OnDrag should work with IsModifiedClick("PICKUPACTION") now.
Model nolonger twitches on scrolling now.
Syzgyn-40270 5297d 06h 10m /trunk/
6 Model defaults to first in each category.
Model changes on tab change.
Syzgyn-40270 5297d 17h 51m /trunk/
5 Scroll frame now saves value for each frame.
Scrolling Now works correctly.
Syzgyn-40270 5297d 18h 00m /trunk/
4 Clicking Fully Implemented Syzgyn-40270 5297d 18h 46m /trunk/
3 Highlighting the current pet works.
Mouse wheel works on buttons, scrolls correctly.
button ID's changed to offsets.
Button clicking now sets highlight and model.
Syzgyn-40270 5297d 19h 30m /trunk/
2 Initial Commit.
Scroll List working.
DressUpModel Working, background still has issues.
Buttons only change model currently.
Syzgyn-40270 5298d 19h 15m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5298d 22h 41m /trunk/