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57 Moved to svn://svn.wowinterface.com/PhanxLibraryMirrors-805/trunk Akkorian-257529 3463d 11h 37m /branches/
56 Updated LibAboutPanel to v1.51, released 2010-12-01 into the public domain. Akkorian-257529 3463d 11h 55m /branches/
55 Added AceGUI-3.0-Spell-EditBox r20090807071246, released 2009-08-07 under the BSD license, by Shadowed. Akkorian-257529 3463d 11h 56m /branches/
54 Updated LibStub to r90. Akkorian-257529 3463d 11h 57m /branches/
53 Updated to LibDualSpec-1.0 v1.6, released 2011-02-11 22:42:25 +0100 under a modified BSD license. Akkorian-257529 3463d 11h 58m /branches/
34 - Update to v1.3-40000-2-g33557a2 Phanx-28751 3570d 14h 44m /branches/
33 Added LibDualSpec-1.0
Source: http://www.wowace.com/addons/libdualspec-1-0/
License: Open Source (full license text in Lua file)
Phanx-28751 3580d 17h 46m /branches/
32 Removed branches/LibHealComm-4.0 Phanx-28751 3580d 17h 48m /branches/
31 Created directory 'branches/LibDualSpec-1.0'. Phanx-28751 3580d 17h 48m /branches/
30 - Updated to v1.5, released 2010-10-15 Phanx-28751 3580d 19h 18m /branches/
25 - Update to v1.6.5-2 Phanx-28751 3700d 13h 06m /branches/
24 - Update to v1.6.5-1-g1a2b830 Phanx-28751 3703d 11h 47m /branches/
23 - Update LibHealComm-4.0 Phanx-28751 3711d 02h 39m /branches/
22 - Old and useless Phanx-28751 3711d 02h 39m /branches/
19 - Add LibHealComm-4.0 with permission from Shadowed Phanx-28751 3868d 18h 56m /branches/
17 - Add LibStub r2
- LibStub is in the public domain
Phanx-28751 3874d 05h 40m /branches/
16 - Create directory Phanx-28751 3874d 05h 41m /branches/
15 - Update LibAboutPanel to v1.43 Phanx-28751 3874d 05h 44m /branches/
5 - Don't need this. Phanx-28751 4124d 09h 56m /branches/
4 - Put this here. Phanx-28751 4124d 09h 56m /branches/

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