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191 Update Phanx-28751 2081d 03h 09m /trunk/
190 Remove obsolete ScrollingDropdown reference Phanx-28751 2086d 11h 08m /trunk/
189 Update README to note Git's spectacular failure as a useful version control system. If I hadn't just spent 10000000000 hours converting all my repositories to Git and setting them up for the Curse packager, I'd probably just ignore how awesome GitHub is and go on using nice logical SVN. >:( Phanx-28751 2091d 08h 16m /trunk/
188 Gotta keep using SVN apparently, since the Curse packager and Git are both steaming piles of shit when it comes to supporting externals. Phanx-28751 2091d 08h 21m /trunk/
187 - Dropdown: Show "Custom" if no matching list item is found Phanx-28751 2109d 00h 20m /trunk/
186 - Dropdown: Look for the appropriate text in the list of values if none is provided with :SetValue Phanx-28751 2109d 00h 27m /trunk/
185 - EditBox: Fix OnLeave script
- Handle dropping more cursor types
- Drop support for old callback names
- Pass userInput arg to OnTextChanged callback
- Disable Alt arrow mode
- Size textures with anchors
Phanx-28751 2109d 00h 46m /trunk/
184 - Dropdown: fix SetEnabled method Phanx-28751 2115d 04h 30m /trunk/
183 - Dropdown: add a SetEnabled method Phanx-28751 2115d 04h 38m /trunk/
182 - Dropdown: Pass text to OnValueChanged as well as value Phanx-28751 2121d 11h 10m /trunk/
181 - Dropdown: Don't pass list to PreUpdate, and get local ref afterward Phanx-28751 2121d 11h 26m /trunk/
180 - Rename ScrollingDropdown to Dropdown Phanx-28751 2121d 11h 40m /trunk/
179 - Remove some files in preparation for the next commit Phanx-28751 2121d 11h 42m /trunk/
178 - TOC 60000 Phanx-28751 2127d 12h 55m /trunk/
177 - License update Phanx-28751 2148d 10h 45m /trunk/
176 - Allow for alternative callback names Phanx-28751 2186d 06h 43m /trunk/
175 - Fix checkboxes in WOD Phanx-28751 2187d 19h 40m /trunk/
174 - Fix checkboxes in WOD Phanx-28751 2187d 19h 44m /trunk/
173 Remove debug print Phanx-28751 2188d 06h 00m /trunk/
172 - Update README and comment headers for consistency Phanx-28751 2196d 05h 03m /trunk/

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