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52 Fix building name detection, options panel layout Phanx-28751 2538d 01h 53m /trunk/
51 Remove gem counter and extra socket check, since both are obsolete in WoD Phanx-28751 2538d 01h 54m /trunk/
50 Simpler item destruction Phanx-28751 2544d 10h 57m /trunk/
49 Automate garrison work orders Phanx-28751 2544d 10h 58m /trunk/
48 Don't auto-heal battle pets on work order NPCs Phanx-28751 2544d 12h 27m /trunk/
47 2015 Phanx-28751 2552d 00h 33m /trunk/
46 Destroy blue+ items without having to type DELETE Phanx-28751 2552d 00h 34m /trunk/
45 TOC 60200 Phanx-28751 2561d 10h 52m /trunk/
44 Don't show item level 1 (heirlooms) Phanx-28751 2561d 10h 52m /trunk/
43 Destroy blue+ items with Enter instead of having to type DELETE Phanx-28751 2561d 10h 58m /trunk/
42 Fix reagent count in tradeskill frame Phanx-28751 2742d 08h 22m /trunk/
41 Fix event handling Phanx-28751 2747d 23h 43m /trunk/
40 Fix long reagent count text in garrison work order UI too Phanx-28751 2747d 23h 43m /trunk/
39 Don't scroll the addon list if the scroll bar isn't visible Phanx-28751 2775d 21h 47m /trunk/
38 MasterPlan: make group buttons bigger, colorize success chance Phanx-28751 2775d 21h 47m /trunk/
37 Hush debug print Phanx-28751 2775d 21h 49m /trunk/
36 Fix movable player alt power bar Phanx-28751 2781d 02h 09m /trunk/
35 - Replace garrison mission alert popups with chat messages
- Delete automated mail after the items have been retrieved
- Lower strata of ObjectiveTrackerFrame (with or without WhoFramedWatcherWabbit)
- Add WhoTip-like feature (needs testing)
- Some fixes for PetTracker
Phanx-28751 2783d 00h 24m /trunk/
34 Add a ReloadUI button to the Interface Options frame Phanx-28751 2788d 22h 34m /trunk/
33 CharacterFrame: Color borders by quality Phanx-28751 2788d 22h 35m /trunk/

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