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7 - updated libs and TOC number
- Want the sounds on your non-warrior alts? I moved the code that registers the sounds with LSM to above where the addon disables itself if the toon is not a warrior
Seerah-39096 4794d 18h 10m /
6 - update libs
- toc bump for 3.1
Seerah-39096 5036d 03h 28m /
5 Seerah-39096 5137d 03h 17m /
4 - forgot to change something in the code for a new lib Seerah-39096 5164d 16h 41m /
3 - added chat notification when putting the mod into standby mode
- tweaked timer for wrath. was 4.8secs to account for lag, but was was sending false alerts. changed to 4.9.
- updated libs and toc
Seerah-39096 5164d 16h 45m /
2 Plink:
- initial svn import
Seerah-39096 5296d 20h 07m /
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5296d 20h 13m /