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68 - updated libs
- updated TOC number
- tweaked options layout to fit bigger window
Seerah-39096 3436d 22h 42m /
67 - FIXED: moverText nil error
- FIXED: minimap mover behavior when minimap is set to a scale other than 1
- ADDED: new minimap blip textures and the ability to change them in the options window!
Seerah-39096 3568d 22h 27m /
66 - fixed nil error when trying to move frames - sorry! Seerah-39096 3577d 00h 35m /
65 - updated libs
- you will no longer ping the minimap when right-clicking to open the calendar
Seerah-39096 3579d 01h 37m /
64 - added 6 new masks to change the shape of your minimap! Seerah-39096 3598d 23h 39m /
63 - added: gave in and added support for WorldStateAlwaysUpFrame finally (used more often now than it used to be)
- fixed: mover frame should properly show in front of the frame its moving
- fixed: centered zone text
- changed: use ToggleCalendar() instead of what I had before
Seerah-39096 3632d 22h 27m /
62 - added GuildInstanceDifficulty flag to the movers list Seerah-39096 3681d 00h 06m /
61 - Updated for Cataclysm!
- new minimap blip textures, supporting all icons
- font preview in options, using AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets
- wider coordinates frame, for bigger fonts
- on/off box for clock removed in Interface Options, so ADDED to PocketPlot
- tweaked clock/coord positioning code
- New font - Negotiate Free (fully redistributable, license included)
- fix for ChatFrameEditBox error when shift-clicking coordinates into chat
- throttle on OnUpdate script for coordinate updates (now every .3 seconds instead of every frame draw)
- coords no longer hide when going into an instance - ALL instances provide coordinates as of Cataclysm
Seerah-39096 3713d 07h 06m /
60 - clamp LFD tooltip to screen
- added shadow for coordinates text to match clock (thanks, Elviswind)
Seerah-39096 3882d 04h 01m /
59 - fixed typo >< Seerah-39096 4009d 05h 25m /

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