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33 some minor tweaks
- fixed positioning of MiniMapMeetingStoneFrame
- clicking coords opens world map
- added tooltip hint for ^^
- fixed clock display to account for alarm flash
- performance tweak for movers
Seerah-39096 4454d 01h 26m /branches/
31 DONE!! PocketPlot now has options, frame movers, and coordinates Seerah-39096 4455d 01h 03m /branches/
30 - AceConfig-3.0 instead of LibSimpleOptions-1.0
- finished and working (thinking of adding coords...)
Seerah-39096 4455d 22h 01m /branches/
29 last attempt at using LibSimpleOptions... Seerah-39096 4456d 01h 20m /branches/
28 still more options/mover work done
start of LSM support in
Seerah-39096 4458d 11h 01m /branches/
27 work on config and movers... coming along... not finished Seerah-39096 4460d 02h 30m /branches/
26 Seerah-39096 4464d 03h 30m /branches/
25 Seerah-39096 4464d 03h 30m /branches/
24 calling this PocketPlot 2.0 Seerah-39096 4464d 09h 19m /branches/
23 Seerah-39096 4464d 09h 21m /branches/
22 Seerah-39096 4464d 09h 23m /branches/
21 Seerah-39096 4464d 09h 23m /branches/
20 Seerah-39096 4464d 09h 23m /branches/
19 Seerah-39096 4464d 09h 25m /branches/
14 fixed for wotlk
- update for tracking button change
- right-click map to open calendar frame
Seerah-39096 4544d 06h 30m /branches/
13 made a copy Seerah-39096 4546d 03h 36m /branches/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4559d 03h 31m /branches/