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82 - updated custom blip textures (7.1 rearranged the icons in the atlas)
- re-enabled the feature
Seerah-39096 1534d 02h 28m /trunk/
81 - update TOC for 7.1
- fix for nil coordinates error in instances (these are no longer accessible through the API)
- temporarily disabled custom minimap blip textures (the icons in the texture atlas were all rearranged, and I need to reorganize the custom textures)
Seerah-39096 1541d 03h 21m /trunk/
80 - fixed: updated some outdated API usage Seerah-39096 1602d 06h 06m /trunk/
79 - re-enabled: custom blip textures
- removed: 2 "bigger" blip styles
- added: 2 new blip styles - PPblips soft & PPBlips light
- added: rotations for some minimap shapes
- added: option to hide tracking button (use shift-right-click on minimap to open menu)
Seerah-39096 1609d 05h 02m /trunk/
78 - fixed lib issue Seerah-39096 1639d 09h 30m /trunk/
77 - updated for Legion
- 2 new minimap shapes
- added shortcuts and optimizations to the coords frame
- temporarily disabled custom blip textures (had the textures all updated, then realized the UI was using a different file now - will be fixed up soon)
Seerah-39096 1644d 11h 10m /trunk/
76 - updated TOC number for WoD
- updated minimap blip textures
- added new minimap shape: "Half Round"
Seerah-39096 2279d 01h 37m /trunk/
75 - updated TOC number
- updated libs
- updated minimap blip textures for new icons (new ones should no longer be hiding!)
- 4 new minimap skins
Seerah-39096 2605d 01h 16m /trunk/
74 - updated libs again
- removed "MONOCHROME" font flag because it currently crashes the client
Seerah-39096 3067d 03h 54m /trunk/
73 - really updated Ace3 stuff
- real TOC number is 50001 not 50000
Seerah-39096 3120d 05h 15m /trunk/
72 - updated for MoP
- changed button names
- added option to offset zone text
- added MiniMapChallengeMode to the movers list
- made mover frame text one pt larger and outlined
- battleground and lfg queues now share a button - fixed code to account for this
Seerah-39096 3124d 08h 05m /trunk/
71 - increase offsets for clock & coords in options GUI Seerah-39096 3232d 02h 23m /trunk/
70 - updated TOC for 4.3
- changed LFDSearchStatus to LFGSearchStatus
- updated custom blip textures for new icons and texture dimensions
- updated libs
Seerah-39096 3338d 01h 45m /trunk/
69 - added: ability to offset clock & coords text vertically Seerah-39096 3363d 00h 18m /trunk/
68 - updated libs
- updated TOC number
- tweaked options layout to fit bigger window
Seerah-39096 3483d 00h 33m /trunk/
67 - FIXED: moverText nil error
- FIXED: minimap mover behavior when minimap is set to a scale other than 1
- ADDED: new minimap blip textures and the ability to change them in the options window!
Seerah-39096 3615d 00h 18m /trunk/
66 - fixed nil error when trying to move frames - sorry! Seerah-39096 3623d 02h 25m /trunk/
65 - updated libs
- you will no longer ping the minimap when right-clicking to open the calendar
Seerah-39096 3625d 03h 27m /trunk/
64 - added 6 new masks to change the shape of your minimap! Seerah-39096 3645d 01h 30m /trunk/
63 - added: gave in and added support for WorldStateAlwaysUpFrame finally (used more often now than it used to be)
- fixed: mover frame should properly show in front of the frame its moving
- fixed: centered zone text
- changed: use ToggleCalendar() instead of what I had before
Seerah-39096 3679d 00h 17m /trunk/

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