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7 Removed TextMate project file, as it is not required for users. iindigo-85448 3392d 16h 17m /trunk/
6 Updated readme and added right-click config to floating minimap button. HOPEFULLY the last of the 0.8 commits. iindigo-85448 3392d 16h 34m /trunk/
5 Updated readme. iindigo-85448 3392d 16h 39m /trunk/
4 Added right-click to config and fixed slash commands. iindigo-85448 3392d 16h 44m /trunk/
3 Version 0.8! iindigo-85448 3392d 17h 22m /trunk/
2 iindigo-85448 3778d 12h 07m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3784d 03h 33m /trunk/