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13 Bugfix that broke the addon when you zoned/reloaded UI/changed spec. Ailae-78500 2843d 02h 57m /
12 Updates for Mists of Pandaria. Ailae-78500 2844d 03h 35m /
11 Bumped TOC and version.
Drycode fix due to CLEU changes.
Ailae-78500 3301d 07h 11m /
10 TOC/Version bump.
SetMaxFramerate is supposedly gone.
Ailae-78500 3363d 13h 03m /
9 Ailae@PowerUp:
Seems stable enough, tagging as 40000.1
Tweaks to Paladin-module.
Ailae-78500 3418d 17h 25m /
8 Ailae@PowerUp:
Moved some stuff around 'cause timer didn't always refresh properly.
Ailae-78500 3462d 03h 09m /
7 Ailae@PowerUp:
Always hide timer when entering combat.
Ailae-78500 3464d 04h 21m /
6 Ailae@PowerUp:
Tweak so there's always a color set initially.
Added command to open the options.
Ailae-78500 3467d 03h 51m /
5 Ailae@PowerUp:
Sigh, managed to garble it all up again. I suck at this repository stuffs.
Ailae-78500 3467d 09h 32m /
4 Ailae@PowerUp:
First pass on the rewrite is complete. Now has options and the Paladin-module is less cluttered.
Ailae-78500 3467d 09h 38m /
3 Removed Thumbs.db Ailae-78500 3468d 09h 27m /
2 Ailae@PowerUp:
Initial import.
Ailae-78500 3468d 09h 29m /
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3472d 14h 35m /