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24 Sekrin, 18 December 2010
# Added the /ranch goal x command, which alerts user when they have x amount of the item they are currently tracking.
# When tracking an item, Ranch can now display the icon of the item in the LDB display.
# When tracking an item, if the user has Ranch displaying the icon of the item in the LDB display, they can now hide the name of the item.
Sekrin-104631 4428d 11h 21m /
23 Sekrin, 18 December 2010
# .toc bump
Sekrin-104631 4428d 11h 21m /
22 Sekrin, 01 September 2010
# Changed the way the quest giving items are identified - now uses WoW's built-in constant for that text (so should now work in all locales).
Sekrin-104631 4536d 02h 31m /
21 Sekrin, 28 June 2010
# Added a new option that will hide the default "Ranch" text on LDB displays if there is currently no object being tracked.
# Bumped toc.
Sekrin-104631 4601d 02h 00m /
20 Updated by Sekrin, 7 August 2009
(+) Added icon for the LDB feed.
Sekrin-104631 4926d 13h 39m /
19 Updated by Sekrin, 5 August 2009
(+) Added new group for Gems.
(*) Removed references to GetVendorPrice and replaced them with the new Blizzard API.
(*) Updated libs.
(*) Bumped .toc for 3.2 patch.
Sekrin-104631 4928d 01h 53m /
18 Bumped .toc Sekrin-104631 5031d 16h 04m /
17 Corrected a bug with scanning tooltips. Sekrin-104631 5031d 16h 07m /
16 (+) Added Entries into Blizzard's Interface Options.
(+) Added Options to control the display of BoE items.
(+) Added Options to control what type of trade goods are displayed.
(+) Added the ability to show quest giving items.
(+) Added Option to control the display of quest giving items.
Sekrin-104631 5056d 02h 54m /
15 (+) Added Items Options panel.
(+) Added Display Items option.
(+) Added Merge Items option.
Sekrin-104631 5147d 07h 27m /
14 (*) Added "About" Panel.
(*) Updated TOC with extra meta-data for About Panel.
Sekrin-104631 5147d 10h 40m /
13 (*) Added the tekKonfig library. Sekrin-104631 5148d 00h 10m /
12 (*) Misc. updates. Sekrin-104631 5148d 06h 55m /
11 (*) Correct a bug where using /ranch with no options caused an error.
(+) Added a description panel to the Blizzard's Interface Options.
Sekrin-104631 5148d 07h 24m /
10 (*) Removed unused folder. Sekrin-104631 5156d 03h 21m /
9 Sekrin-104631 5156d 03h 22m /
8 (*) Corrected the /ranch track <item> code so that it updates the display immediately, rather than on the next BAG_UPDATE event. Sekrin-104631 5157d 14h 15m /
7 (+) Added proper initialisation code.
(*) Tidied some of the code up a bit, added some comments, etc.
Sekrin-104631 5167d 00h 11m /
6 (+) Added new command: /ranch temp <item>
(+) Added new command: /ranch add <item>
(+) Added new command: /ranch remove
(+) Added new command: /ranch removeall
(*) Changed SavedVariables names.
Sekrin-104631 5167d 04h 56m /
5 (+) Add "/ranch track" command. Needs completing. Sekrin-104631 5176d 00h 48m /

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