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6 Updated toc for 3.3 Kitjan-211804 4301d 07h 05m /
5 2.2
Added Player Pet %DPS and Raid Healing (mimicking minimized Recap)
Updated the internal interface with Recap
Kitjan-211804 4318d 10h 24m /
4 Removed tabs from RecapFu.lua Kitjan-211804 4318d 14h 33m /
3 2.1
Updated to work with Recap 4.33, game version 3.2.
Removed max hit, total damage taken, total damage received, and overhealing from the display
Made the tooltip interactable: allowing control over pause/unpause and last fight/all fights view. (Same as clicking the buttons in recap.)
Change of addon ownership from Prandur to Kitjan
Kitjan-211804 4318d 14h 34m /
2 2.0r30568.3
updated to work with Hawksy Recap 3.61+ (thanks to Hawksy)

updated TOC
bug fix: damage dealt and damage received tags reversed in Tooltip

fixed problem with dps not updating

Updated to WoW 2.0, Ace2, and FuBar2
Added Damage Dealt/Taken (courtesy of code provided by Darravis)
Lower impact data update (may cause less then real time info)

- Fix for bug #1135
- Another possible fix for the ever persistent bug #518

- updated to FuBar 1.2 API (requires FuBar 1.2 or higher)
- changed file and directory name, it is highly recommended you delete any older versions before installing this one!

- Possible fix for bug ID 518 as reported by Devla
- updated FuBar compat to 1.0
- should have released this long ago, my apologies!

- Updated for FuBar

- Name change to coincide with BossPanel becoming FuBar
- Fixed bug in localization

- updated for BossPanel 0.4.23
- few other minor tweaks
- Initial public release
Kitjan-211804 4318d 14h 44m /
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4318d 18h 47m /