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24 Fixed a few small bugs. Voorije-28156 5318d 18h 21m /trunk/
23 Fixed small Logical Errors with Config & Typo Voorije-28156 5318d 18h 28m /trunk/
22 Code Fixes for Release Voorije-28156 5318d 19h 24m /trunk/
21 Updated Color Voorije-28156 5318d 19h 24m /trunk/
20 Logic for Fadeout and Added Code For Border Voorije-28156 5318d 19h 37m /trunk/
19 Added Border Graphic Voorije-28156 5318d 19h 37m /trunk/
18 Options Frame Overhauled, Added Support for Fade-Out Behaviour. Voorije-28156 5318d 20h 21m /trunk/
17 Re-Organized the Options Into Groups Voorije-28156 5318d 21h 30m /trunk/
16 Updated for new (Fixed) Artwork & Bar Color Calculation Algorithm Voorije-28156 5322d 05h 43m /trunk/
15 Smooth RP Updates. Voorije-28156 5322d 13h 27m /trunk/
14 Fix for Improved Runic Power Voorije-28156 5322d 13h 46m /trunk/
13 Updated TOC with Credits to Elderidge Voorije-28156 5322d 14h 46m /trunk/
12 Support for Runic Power & New Design Voorije-28156 5322d 14h 47m /trunk/
11 New Artwork by Elderidge Voorije-28156 5322d 15h 31m /trunk/
10 Preliminary Artwork & Code for supporting Artwork and Runic Power Voorije-28156 5325d 17h 17m /trunk/
9 - All runes reset at 0 seconds now.
- Added UI Scale To options.
Voorije-28156 5337d 01h 24m /trunk/
8 New Rune Icons Voorije-28156 5343d 00h 55m /trunk/
7 Made mod not visible when not playing a deathknight Voorije-28156 5343d 09h 17m /trunk/
6 Fixed Missing RuneDisplay On Load Voorije-28156 5343d 09h 30m /trunk/
5 Fixed TOC Voorije-28156 5343d 11h 12m /trunk/

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