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11 TOC and version bump. Ailae-78500 3830d 15h 37m /trunk/
10 TOC/Version-bump.
Bugfix for 4.3 due to new return values.
Ailae-78500 4132d 10h 44m /trunk/
9 Toc and version bump. Ailae-78500 4287d 22h 01m /trunk/
8 TOC-bump. Ailae-78500 4350d 19h 42m /trunk/
7 Don't use revision-number as version-number. Ailae-78500 4404d 02h 48m /trunk/
6 Ailae@Sigma:
Remove the old stuff.
Ailae-78500 4455d 17h 18m /trunk/
5 Ailae@Sigma:
Fixing structure, part deux.
Ailae-78500 4455d 17h 21m /trunk/
4 Ailae@Sigma:
Restructure so zip gets made correctly (hopefully).
Ailae-78500 4455d 17h 23m /trunk/
3 Ailae@Sigma:
Unintentional globals make me sad. Thanks nekrossa for report.
Ailae-78500 4456d 10h 16m /trunk/
2 Ailae@Sigma:
initial commit
Ailae-78500 4457d 18h 49m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4457d 18h 51m /trunk/