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Rev Log message Author Age Path
33 Update for 902 client. schnoggo-45553 637d 00h 33m /trunk/
32 Updates for Shadowlands schnoggo-45553 666d 23h 51m /trunk/
31 fix version number schnoggo-45553 943d 21h 04m /trunk/
30 for 8.3 schnoggo-45553 943d 21h 06m /trunk/
29 Update for WoW client 8.2.5 schnoggo-45553 1045d 02h 35m /trunk/
28 for 8.2 schnoggo-45553 1138d 22h 29m /trunk/
27 for 8.2 schnoggo-45553 1138d 23h 10m /trunk/
26 Fix readme version schnoggo-45553 1490d 16h 51m /trunk/
25 Update TOC for BFA 8.0 client schnoggo-45553 1490d 16h 53m /trunk/
24 Fix base color for tinting schnoggo-45553 1510d 18h 54m /trunk/
23 Updated texture code. TOC for 7.3 schnoggo-45553 1510d 19h 16m /trunk/
22 Update TOC for Legion 7.2 client schnoggo-45553 1965d 06h 11m /trunk/
21 Updated TOC for WoW client 7.1 schnoggo-45553 2111d 00h 14m /trunk/
20 Fix readme dates and version info. schnoggo-45553 2219d 05h 12m /trunk/
19 Save window position. Add center command. Update for Legion schnoggo-45553 2219d 05h 17m /trunk/
18 Updated TOC for Wow client 6.2 schnoggo-45553 2611d 04h 41m /trunk/
17 updated for WoW6.1 client schnoggo-45553 2730d 03h 57m /trunk/
16 Updated TOC for Wow client 6.0.2 schnoggo-45553 2864d 01h 28m /trunk/
15 Switched from "realmName" CVar to GetReakmName() function. schnoggo-45553 3204d 03h 01m /trunk/
14 updated for WoW client 5.4. New version numbering. schnoggo-45553 3262d 10h 38m /trunk/

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