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254 Missing local init. Tomate-202285 112d 15h 02m /
253 Try to fix initialization variable issue. Tomate-202285 112d 19h 20m /
252 Add audace talent buff icon / sound warning.
Fix Serrated Bone Spike buff bar and Echoing Reprimand.
Update all icon warning to flash.
Remove the tukui border option.
Tomate-202285 115d 00h 07m /
251 Tomate-202285 137d 08h 35m /
250 ---Sepsys > Outlaw & Assa & Sub
---Serrated bone spike > Assa
---Echoing reprimand > General Talent
---Flagellation > sub talent

---SS > general
---Evasion > general Talent
---CoS > Taltent General
---Gouge > general talent
---Graplin hook > talent outlaw
---ShadowDance > general Talent
---FindWeekness > general
---Trrick > talent
---Feint > talent
---AR > move to talent
---Roll the bonnes > move to talent
---Kingsbane >move frome obsoloete 385627
---Deadly poison > talent
---Subterfuge > general talent
---Shadowblades > talent
---SS > general now

--Keep It Rolling 381989 #ba1404 (CD)
--Atrophic Poison 381637 #7a659f (poison)
--Shiv > talent > 5938 #82da83
--Cold blood 382245 #5cbfb4 > general talent
--Thistle Tea 381623 (cd+buff) #335534

--Point combot couleur 7

--Vendetta > deathmark 360194 taltent cd+buff
--Indiscriminate Carnage > talent assa 381802 #ffb73a

--Vanish charge?
Tomate-202285 138d 06h 40m /
249 Fix init process which result of resetting settings at each startup. Tomate-202285 150d 22h 15m /
248 First working version. Tomate-202285 160d 09h 12m /
247 9.2 Tomate-202285 394d 20h 37m /
246 Remove Toxic blade.
Remove Night blade.
Fix spell placement in settings.
Add debuff bar for infinite Serated bone spike.
Tomate-202285 471d 14h 09m /
245 Update the way max bar number is handled. Tomate-202285 661d 18h 09m /
244 Add covenants abilites
Add support for roll the bones buff duration variation (from Count the Odds conduit)
Fix find weakness
Tomate-202285 848d 07h 59m /
243 Remove debugs.
Fix issue when sound settings is not enable.
Tomate-202285 866d 19h 15m /
242 -Fix issue with missing lib.
-Fix issue with characters without spec.
Tomate-202285 875d 12h 15m /
241 -Add Smoothing on status bar
-Add flash option on bar to keep flashing CD should be used or buff should be up
-Fix issue with some removed spell
Tomate-202285 877d 17h 24m /
240 Add missing reaping fire (essence).
Fix issue from remove spell.
Tomate-202285 890d 12h 51m /
239 Outlaw update for 9.0 Tomate-202285 917d 09h 16m /
238 Add missing localisation.
Update toc.
Tomate-202285 1097d 21h 27m /
237 bump toc Tomate-202285 1272d 15h 27m /
236 8.2.5 Tomate-202285 1272d 15h 30m /
235 Fix Kick message not firing.
Fix Deadly poison bar not showing.
Tomate-202285 1704d 18h 14m /

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