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8 TOC and version bump. Ailae-78500 4288d 09h 53m /trunk/
7 Right-clicking the macro will dismiss the current companion. Ailae-78500 4346d 08h 07m /trunk/
6 Wait til PLAYER_LOGIN to register for COMPANION_UPDATE to hopefully avoid some weirdness. Ailae-78500 4348d 05h 58m /trunk/
5 TOC/Version bump. Ailae-78500 4351d 07h 33m /trunk/
4 Change "/sw" to "/swave" since the Blizzard Stopwatch eats it up anyway. Ailae-78500 4405d 10h 16m /trunk/
3 Bump version to 40000.3
Don't use revision-number as version-number.
Define handlers once and then attach them to each icon.
Darken icons that are not selected even further.
Ailae-78500 4406d 12h 00m /trunk/
2 Initial import Ailae-78500 4428d 05h 31m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4428d 05h 32m /trunk/