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16 combination of step modifiers now work correctly
(This don't work with Vendors yet)
Hati-EK-103009 4786d 01h 47m /trunk/
15 added left-shift,left-strg,left-alt modifications to change the steps between each mousewheel roll
shift: +/-5
strg: +/-10
alt: +/-20
Note: they are additive (holding shift+strg -> +/-15)
Hati-EK-103009 4786d 02h 05m /trunk/
14 fixed an error with placing items on the bank Hati-EK-103009 4787d 08h 41m /trunk/
13 it's now again possible to split items while talking to a merchant Hati-EK-103009 4794d 00h 50m /trunk/
12 vendor feature seems to work so far - but be careful to use it
As hint how it works:
0 = Don't buy
>0= Buy this many
fixed a modulo based error in standard(bags,banks) split
Hati-EK-103009 4794d 01h 22m /trunk/
11 removed print(arg1,arg2) Hati-EK-103009 4794d 10h 29m /trunk/
10 fixed an issue with de-/equipping items - if equipping items he tried to catch ITEM_LOCK_CHANGED had argument-structure(InventorySlot,nil) Hati-EK-103009 4794d 10h 32m /trunk/
9 full amount of that bag-slot is now shown without any number
if just pick 1 item - it is now shown
if decreasing from 1 you will be at max (modulo)
Hati-EK-103009 4794d 10h 39m /trunk/
8 fixed AddOn name in toc Hati-EK-103009 4794d 20h 22m /trunk/
7 now supports GuildBanks ... but i don't like the solution Hati-EK-103009 4794d 20h 25m /trunk/
6 really fixed it Hati-EK-103009 4794d 21h 36m /trunk/
5 fixed the force Hati-EK-103009 4794d 21h 37m /trunk/
4 force the packager to zip /trunk content to a zip file containing the folder named SplitItemsOnTheFly Hati-EK-103009 4794d 21h 38m /trunk/
3 removed debugger Hati-EK-103009 4794d 21h 40m /trunk/
2 adding files Hati-EK-103009 4794d 21h 41m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4794d 21h 42m /trunk/