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135 - updated for 8.0, I think totalpackage-27891 1707d 11h 21m /trunk/
134 - user submitted but not tested totalpackage-27891 1707d 11h 48m /trunk/
133 - toc updated to 7.3
- fixed PlaySound error
- added support for all 12 classes
totalpackage-27891 2025d 11h 09m /trunk/
132 - updated for 7.2
- used power world shield instead of flash heal for range finding
totalpackage-27891 2146d 23h 05m /trunk/
131 - updated for 7.1 totalpackage-27891 2324d 12h 33m /trunk/
130 - fix weapon enchant bug
- fix prestige icon
totalpackage-27891 2380d 13h 47m /trunk/
129 - some spell range fixes
- attempt to show PVP prestige
totalpackage-27891 2386d 17h 22m /trunk/
128 - fixed warlock issue
- alternate mana bar will only show for priests, shamans, and druids as intended
- fixed StufRaid to handle new class colors and power colors
totalpackage-27891 2436d 16h 41m /trunk/
127 - enabled alternated mana bar to priests and shamans in addition to druids
- removed deathknight custom rune bars
- support for new power colors
- support for new class colors
- support for six combo points
- other general fixes to work with 7.0
totalpackage-27891 2437d 14h 01m /trunk/
126 - fixed Deathknight rune timer error
- fixed/removed legacy ButtonFacade error/support
totalpackage-27891 2768d 15h 12m /trunk/
125 - updated toc to 6.2
- Combat text numbers over a million will be shortened
totalpackage-27891 2805d 16h 58m /trunk/
124 - updated for 6.0 totalpackage-27891 3076d 12h 56m /trunk/
123 - fix dropdown appearing totalpackage-27891 3385d 10h 36m /trunk/
122 - fix druid mana not refreshing
- maybe fixed menu taint from setting focus
totalpackage-27891 3385d 16h 33m /trunk/
121 - updated for 5.4 totalpackage-27891 3471d 11h 59m /trunk/
120 - update for 5.3 totalpackage-27891 3578d 12h 53m /trunk/
119 - toc and libraries updated for 5.2 totalpackage-27891 3665d 17h 21m /trunk/
118 - toc update for 5.1
- added an untested feature to hide the UI during pet battles
- hopefully fixed a bug with the new class
totalpackage-27891 3758d 16h 21m /trunk/
117 - added Monk's Chi bar, thanks suicidalkatt totalpackage-27891 3826d 16h 01m /trunk/
116 - probably maybe fixed the 3D portrait showing full body for certain races
- options for boss frames will not show up unless the default's is disabled in Stuf's global options
totalpackage-27891 3832d 15h 37m /trunk/

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