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52 Filter Changes and major bug fix with chat types (i failed at .7.3 :( ) Meredy-227775 4744d 05h 48m /
51 changes to STS_ResetSV(...) Meredy-227775 4744d 06h 49m /
50 deleted some comments Meredy-227775 4744d 07h 04m /
49 version is now 0.7.3
major changes to options frame
minor bug fixes
Meredy-227775 4744d 07h 05m /
48 Fixed a major bug, where when people disabled ignoring for trade channel, filtering often didn't work Meredy-227775 4744d 09h 56m /
47 /sts reset all is now possible (hopefully) Meredy-227775 4750d 05h 39m /
46 Added French (frFR) filters =) Meredy-227775 4750d 05h 48m /
45 changed Adding and Removing of filters in cunjunction with the list change, also changed version to 0.7.1 Meredy-227775 4751d 02h 15m /
44 merged with stoptradespam Meredy-227775 4751d 03h 44m /
43 merged StopTradeSpam with StopTradeSpam_Options Meredy-227775 4751d 03h 46m /
42 Meredy-227775 4751d 06h 28m /
41 added option "blockgold" Meredy-227775 4751d 08h 49m /
40 major changes to easy localizing and improve point system, white and blacklists are beeing merged.
added option to block goldsellers, but thats not working properly and may never will
Meredy-227775 4751d 08h 49m /
39 first step in taking locale variables and functions out of StopTradeSpam.lua Meredy-227775 4751d 13h 07m /
38 included libs/LibDataBroker-1.1 and requirements Meredy-227775 4753d 08h 29m /
37 Checkboxes are now created dynamic Meredy-227775 4753d 11h 47m /
36 new option comlainchat Meredy-227775 4754d 09h 57m /
35 is now in trunk, should be done somehow else, but i don't get it Meredy-227775 4755d 02h 23m /
34 safe? Meredy-227775 4755d 02h 24m /
33 new folder Meredy-227775 4755d 02h 26m /

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