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35 is now in trunk, should be done somehow else, but i don't get it Meredy-227775 4748d 08h 11m /branches/
32 even more version update Meredy-227775 4748d 08h 18m /branches/
31 version update Meredy-227775 4748d 08h 19m /branches/
30 fail Meredy-227775 4748d 08h 19m /branches/
29 merge Meredy-227775 4748d 08h 20m /branches/
28 removed debug stuff Meredy-227775 4748d 08h 21m /branches/
26 Finally an working optionspanel Meredy-227775 4748d 08h 35m /branches/
23 almost complete recode of optionsframe Meredy-227775 4756d 10h 02m /branches/
16 Meredy-227775 4759d 07h 10m /branches/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4763d 13h 09m /branches/