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11 Sekrin, 10-May-2011
# Oops, left some debugging stuff in.
Sekrin-104631 2960d 04h 35m /trunk/
10 Sekrin, 10-May-2011
# Updated to match changes in the combat log events
# Updated .toc to 40100
Sekrin-104631 2960d 04h 41m /trunk/
9 Sekrin-104631 3607d 06h 58m /trunk/
8 Sekrin, 1-Aug-2009
(*) Toc Bump!
Sekrin-104631 3607d 08h 23m /trunk/
7 Sekrin, 01-Aug-2009
(+) Added the ability to filter out buffs from NPCs.
Sekrin-104631 3607d 15h 56m /trunk/
6 Added some options Sekrin-104631 3714d 21h 20m /trunk/
5 Corrected CombatLog filter. Sekrin-104631 3773d 04h 58m /trunk/
4 Added a full stop to the end of the emote. Sekrin-104631 3773d 20h 08m /trunk/
3 Small bugfix. Sekrin-104631 3774d 03h 36m /trunk/
2 Initial Commit Sekrin-104631 3774d 05h 02m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3774d 05h 09m /trunk/