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115 - fix to allow the tooltip to resize when using short names Seerah-39096 204d 12h 39m /
114 - added option: color player names by class
- added option: display only player name (no titles or server names)
- fixed: tooltips now stick to the alpha you choose
- fixed: hack to force world frame tooltips to use your color choice for the background
- some code cleanup
Seerah-39096 207d 07h 30m /
113 - fix for white story tooltip and war campaign tooltip Seerah-39096 231d 12h 30m /
112 - TipTop 3.0!
- now reuses the default tooltip's bg instead of making and adjusting a new frame
- updated for color api changes in BfA
- code clean up, some reorganization, and some adjustments
Seerah-39096 239d 09h 51m /
111 - update for BfA Seerah-39096 350d 13h 52m /
110 - fix for a random, odd nil error Seerah-39096 407d 07h 41m /
109 - fixed another boss mouseover bug with large health numbers Seerah-39096 521d 06h 53m /
108 - updated TOC number for 7.3
- modified usage of :SetBackdrop to keep the Aurora addon from complaining
Seerah-39096 571d 08h 33m /
107 - tweaked raid marker code, in case the client ever returns a number without an icon assigned to it
- added the ability to set the font of the health bar text independently
Seerah-39096 624d 16h 26m /
106 - fix for guild ranks not displaying for characters from other servers Seerah-39096 638d 14h 50m /
105 - added option to disable class-colored border for NPCs
- added option to disable class icon for NPCs
- reorganized options
Seerah-39096 788d 07h 04m /
104 - added font size option for tooltip text
- added font size option for health bar text
Seerah-39096 803d 07h 02m /
103 - fix (hopefully) for integer overflow error on NPCs with extremely large amounts of health, when curhp/maxhap is displayed on healthbar Seerah-39096 813d 12h 38m /
102 - update TOC for 7.1
- tweaked specialization line code
- tweaked tooltip anchor code (should play nice with the updates to LibItemUpgradeInfo using by Auctionator, etc)
Seerah-39096 897d 13h 15m /
101 - possible fix for repeated specialization lines
- "specialization" is now localized
Seerah-39096 948d 07h 21m /
100 - added new class icon textures
- removed old class icon texture files (used straight from default UI now)
- updated LibSharedMedia-3.0
Seerah-39096 975d 15h 51m /
99 - added new health format, 1.2k / 1.2k (100%), as requested Seerah-39096 995d 14h 53m /
98 - fix for anchor not showing Seerah-39096 998d 07h 25m /
97 - update for Legion
- fixed for new API to check if unit is tapped
Seerah-39096 1006d 15h 41m /
96 - fixed nil error if you don't have the elitetexture setting enabled Seerah-39096 1581d 15h 27m /

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