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38 Torta: Fixed bug with the "Accept" button in the rename list dialog Quezacolt-69413 3873d 07h 01m /
37 Torta: Added drag & drop for lists and fine-tuned drag & drop to be more intuitive Quezacolt-69413 3874d 12h 33m /
36 Torta: Task drag and drop implemented. Woot! Quezacolt-69413 3874d 13h 14m /
35 Torta: Began work on drag and drop for tasks Quezacolt-69413 3875d 06h 32m /
34 Torta:
- Misc design polishing
- Notebook tab now functional. Yay!
Quezacolt-69413 3876d 00h 56m /
33 Torta: Added confirmation dialog for deleting lists Quezacolt-69413 3881d 07h 49m /
32 Torta:
- Added bottom left resize area
- Added code for stats button
- Core functionality complete! Yay!
Quezacolt-69413 3881d 08h 00m /
31 Torta: Rename functionality code completed, still untested Quezacolt-69413 3881d 13h 23m /
30 Torta: Added delete list functionality (still buggy) Quezacolt-69413 3882d 00h 28m /
29 Torta: Added dropdowns, Lua code not yet complete Quezacolt-69413 3883d 01h 52m /
28 Torta: Fixed retardedly buggy "auto-scroll to make the selected task visible if the task editor covers it" feature. Quezacolt-69413 3886d 14h 14m /
27 Torta: Task selected for editing will automatically get pushed back into the visible range of tasks if it gets hidden due to the task editor subwindow showing. Damn feature took a whole DAY to implement! :( Quezacolt-69413 3887d 05h 15m /
26 Torta: Implemented add/remove tasks Quezacolt-69413 3887d 05h 45m /
25 Torta:
- The checkbuttons are now functional.
- Added code for check/uncheck all
- added /getname slash command for development
Quezacolt-69413 3889d 05h 07m /
24 Torta: Task editor multi-line editbox is now inside a scrollframe. Quezacolt-69413 3889d 07h 01m /
23 Torta:
- Added taskbar buttons
- Integrated the manage dialog into the main window
Quezacolt-69413 3890d 06h 14m /
22 Torta:
- Fixed bug where the scroll bar thumb button may not be shown
- Added a background to the scroll bar slider
- Added Notepad++ logo
Quezacolt-69413 3891d 04h 42m /
21 Torta:
- Task texts now wrap properly.
- Added license
- Added Shift-ESC to apply task text in task editor
Quezacolt-69413 3894d 04h 47m /
20 Torta: The task editor works now! Quezacolt-69413 3895d 08h 52m /
19 Torta: Finished task editor logic Quezacolt-69413 3895d 09h 49m /

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