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Rev Log message Author Age Path
95 Rename weapon to main hand weapon Lhooq-106305 4870d 15h 07m /trunk/
94 Weapons hacks and add long cooldown frame Lhooq-106305 4870d 15h 18m /trunk/
93 Use left hand off hand funcs Lhooq-106305 4871d 15h 56m /trunk/
92 Reset as check Lhooq-106305 4874d 01h 48m /trunk/
91 New gui and bug fixes Lhooq-106305 4875d 13h 31m /trunk/
90 Add dynamic skin for action bar Lhooq-106305 4876d 14h 11m /trunk/
89 Update for managerLib API Lhooq-106305 4876d 16h 01m /trunk/
88 Readme update Lhooq-106305 4877d 14h 27m /trunk/
87 Add scaling Lhooq-106305 4877d 14h 32m /trunk/
86 Remove ace2 libs Lhooq-106305 4877d 15h 58m /trunk/
85 Translation of effects Lhooq-106305 4878d 13h 08m /trunk/
84 Udpate TOC Lhooq-106305 4879d 15h 09m /trunk/
83 Use GID for spells, update translations Lhooq-106305 4880d 22h 58m /trunk/
82 Version 4.6.2 Lhooq-106305 4992d 19h 49m /trunk/
81 Version 4.6.1 Lhooq-106305 4993d 14h 48m /trunk/
80 Version 4.6.0 Lhooq-106305 5007d 13h 27m /trunk/
79 Add totemic call binding Lhooq-106305 5007d 13h 34m /trunk/
78 Fix ru localization Lhooq-106305 5008d 15h 41m /trunk/
77 Version 4.5.0 Lhooq-106305 5009d 12h 29m /trunk/
76 Add ankh support Lhooq-106305 5009d 12h 32m /trunk/

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