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8 Added Disenchant, Mill, Prospect, Basic Campfire spells to be displayed on the frame.

Added a bit of redundancy to the initialization process for people with weird setups.
tardmrr-14927 4970d 19h 48m /trunk/
7 * Added support for Runeforging
* Bumped version to 1.6 for release
tardmrr-14927 5057d 22h 32m /trunk/
6 Fixed dirname property tardmrr-14927 5090d 20h 18m /trunk/
5 Added folder name property to fix the zip tardmrr-14927 5090d 20h 20m /trunk/
4 Removed Rogue Poisons tardmrr-14927 5091d 05h 04m /trunk/
3 Updated for 3.0 tardmrr-14927 5091d 05h 55m /trunk/
2 Initial import at version 1.4 tardmrr-14927 5259d 22h 34m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5259d 23h 17m /trunk/