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Rev Log message Author Age Path
52 minor update Nuchaleft-94524 4390d 00h 01m /trunk/
51 small edits to frames, additional comments, OPTIONS NOW SEPERATE ADDON! Nuchaleft-94524 4390d 00h 21m /trunk/
50 almost final ui design (cb still needs work) Nuchaleft-94524 4402d 03h 37m /trunk/
49 small edits to frames, additional comments Nuchaleft-94524 4411d 02h 22m /trunk/
48 update to 3.3 Nuchaleft-94524 4411d 02h 41m /trunk/
47 added some battlecries, deleted some battlecries Nuchaleft-94524 4672d 23h 37m /trunk/
45 just some text updates and updates to TOC. Nuchaleft-94524 4673d 00h 02m /trunk/
44 Nuchaleft-94524 4858d 13h 51m /trunk/
43 Fixed a few error messages that were driving me insane! Nuchaleft-94524 4858d 13h 52m /trunk/
42 Added files missed in last pass. Nuchaleft-94524 4859d 02h 21m /trunk/
41 Moved FuBar HEAD to Trunk and made a few changes Nuchaleft-94524 4859d 02h 22m /trunk/
40 Nuchaleft-94524 4859d 02h 24m /trunk/
27 change Nuchaleft-94524 4867d 14h 41m /trunk/
26 Nuchaleft-94524 4867d 14h 43m /trunk/
25 Nuchaleft-94524 4867d 14h 44m /trunk/
17 begin ace3 transform Nuchaleft-94524 4870d 16h 08m /trunk/
14 Fixed the issue with the button text, All files ready for WotLK! Nuchaleft-94524 5041d 00h 30m /trunk/
13 small update Nuchaleft-94524 5050d 02h 15m /trunk/
12 changed 'this' to 'self' plus a few minor cry additions Nuchaleft-94524 5052d 15h 14m /trunk/
11 Updated for WoW v3.0.2 and Wrath of the Lich King BETA. Nuchaleft-94524 5052d 15h 31m /trunk/

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