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Rev Log message Author Age Path
7 - 30100 bump
- Portfolio Update
AnduinLothar-18098 3958d 11h 38m /trunk/
6 v1.2
- Fixed Class Icons not updating
AnduinLothar-18098 4152d 21h 12m /trunk/
5 Update to work with LibStub Portfolio AnduinLothar-18098 4167d 15h 52m /trunk/
4 Removed Portfolio embedded loading AnduinLothar-18098 4188d 13h 43m /trunk/
3 Added Portfolio External AnduinLothar-18098 4188d 13h 49m /trunk/
2 Initial v1.1 commit AnduinLothar-18098 4188d 13h 50m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4188d 13h 54m /trunk/