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Rev Log message Author Age Path
162 Update faction specfific achievement.
Hide tracking achievement.
Tomate-202285 372d 15h 10m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
158 -Update for patch 7.2.5 Tomate-202285 1235d 04h 12m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
154 -Update for patch 7.0 Tomate-202285 1625d 05h 47m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
153 -Update for patch 6.1. Tomate-202285 2074d 07h 17m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
148 -Update for 6.0.
-Update libs.
-Update maximum achievement threshold.
-Update alliance/horde specific achievement.
-Change the way achievement category status bar counter is displayed on the summary tab.
-Enlarge the display of the criteria list.
Tomate-202285 2173d 00h 38m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
146 -Bump toc for 5.4
-Update Faction specific achievements for 5.4
Tomate-202285 2605d 02h 27m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
144 -Update faction specific achievements for patch 5.3.
-Update AceLib
Tomate-202285 2710d 03h 36m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
143 -Update faction specific achievements for patch 5.2.
-Update AceLib
Tomate-202285 2765d 07h 10m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
142 -Update faction specific achievements. Tomate-202285 2893d 03h 11m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
140 -Move the php code to a specific file.
-Move local to specific folder
-Update Faction Specific achievements
Tomate-202285 2894d 06h 03m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
139 -Add the php code in comment which let me extract the list of specific faction achievement from wowhead. Tomate-202285 2951d 06h 45m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
138 -Missing achievements and update specific achievement list. Tomate-202285 2951d 06h 48m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
136 -Missing achievement and a specific achievement Tomate-202285 2984d 01h 24m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
131 Faction Specific Achievemnt for MOP added. Tomate-202285 3025d 04h 14m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
129 Tomate-202285 3051d 23h 16m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
127 Add 3 new achievements.
Some achievements are missing in FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
Tomate-202285 3131d 00h 48m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
123 Tomate-202285 3251d 07h 37m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
118 Tomate-202285 3404d 17h 44m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
113 Tomate-202285 3594d 23h 58m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
111 Tomate-202285 3601d 21h 24m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
97 Tomate-202285 3623d 00h 03m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
96 Tomate-202285 3626d 02h 25m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
77 Ajout de quelques HF spécifique a certaines factions.

Ma première Realease
Tomate-202285 4021d 21h 01m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
75 0.9.7b Zip Push
Updated FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
Increased max achievement count
Syzgyn-40270 4074d 12h 06m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
74 0.9.7a Zip Push
Updated faction specific achievements for 3.2 thanks to Tomate
Syzgyn-40270 4084d 23h 53m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
69 Updated for 3.1
Now using ingame tracker.
Syzgyn-40270 4218d 09h 34m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
66 Added 3.0.8 Faction specific achievements to list
Increased MAX_ACHIEVEMENTS to 3000 to get new achievements.
Fixed bug where the achievement list would sometimes only show a few after having scrolled far down.
Optimized RefreshCriteriaButtons() by only looping from the offset to the end of the range.
Syzgyn-40270 4300d 06h 25m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
50 Added checkbox for statistic criteria to Options.lua.
Tracker button now covers the icon and title text.
Tracker button now highlights on mouseover.
Syzgyn-40270 4388d 13h 20m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua
44 Adding FactionSpecificAchievements.lua. I'm an idiot and uploaded the wrong file before. Syzgyn-40270 4392d 00h 13m /trunk/FactionSpecificAchievements.lua