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159 Update to 7.3 (Toc and Achievement ID)
Update AceLib.
Tomate-202285 1086d 23h 01m /trunk/Libs/
152 -Fix missing versioning files. Tomate-202285 2127d 00h 51m /trunk/Libs/
148 -Update for 6.0.
-Update libs.
-Update maximum achievement threshold.
-Update alliance/horde specific achievement.
-Change the way achievement category status bar counter is displayed on the summary tab.
-Enlarge the display of the criteria list.
Tomate-202285 2132d 23h 07m /trunk/Libs/
144 -Update faction specific achievements for patch 5.3.
-Update AceLib
Tomate-202285 2670d 02h 05m /trunk/Libs/
143 -Update faction specific achievements for patch 5.2.
-Update AceLib
Tomate-202285 2725d 05h 39m /trunk/Libs/
82 Update 4.0 Tomate-202285 3624d 15h 39m /trunk/Libs/
79 0.9.9Version
-Update Library.
-Correct some bugs.
-Add Total achhivement bars and count for each section.
Tomate-202285 3827d 17h 10m /trunk/Libs/
16 Added AceHook-3.0 to Embeds.xml
Added UnitPopup_ShowMenu Hook for Achievement Comparison.
Removed Achievement Comparison Button from Frame.
Syzgyn-40270 4378d 12h 44m /trunk/Libs/
2 Initial commit Syzgyn-40270 4386d 09h 18m /trunk/Libs/