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Rev Log message Author Age Path
99 Add Chinese localization (simplified & traditional).
Fix name of translate string.
Tomate-202285 3580d 04h 53m /trunk/Options.lua
89 Tomate-202285 3621d 15h 45m /trunk/Options.lua
87 Tomate-202285 3622d 15h 00m /trunk/Options.lua
70 0.9.5 Zip Push
Updated Options.lua for 3.1, removing tracker Options
Updated UrbanAchiever.toc for 3.1
Added 3.1 check to Main.lua
Syzgyn-40270 4178d 07h 17m /trunk/Options.lua
58 Added Detailed Criteria and Automatic timer tracking to Options.lua.
Added Timers for tracked achievements.
Parented category slider to category frame.
Added self:ToggleTracker() function
self:AddTracker() no longer removes currently tracked achievements, instead refreshes them.
Added OnUpdate to tracker frame
Syzgyn-40270 4330d 12h 10m /trunk/Options.lua
55 0.8 Zip Push
Removed alot of old commented code.
Money will show as 0 copper if nil now.
Syzgyn-40270 4342d 16h 06m /trunk/Options.lua
54 Added help panel. Syzgyn-40270 4342d 21h 43m /trunk/Options.lua
53 Added option to scale the tracker. Syzgyn-40270 4342d 23h 04m /trunk/Options.lua
51 Added option for money to be formatted by color or by texture. Syzgyn-40270 4343d 16h 22m /trunk/Options.lua
50 Added checkbox for statistic criteria to Options.lua.
Tracker button now covers the icon and title text.
Tracker button now highlights on mouseover.
Syzgyn-40270 4348d 11h 30m /trunk/Options.lua
43 0.7 Zip push
Added FactionBreakdown.lua
Added Options.lua
Added preliminary faction sorting.
Tracker now defaults to the center of the screen.
Tracker header is now clamped to the screen
Achievement completion date will now truncate instead of wrap.
Added Options to default UI panel.
Syzgyn-40270 4352d 12h 23m /trunk/Options.lua