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33 v.2.3.3
- fix for Torghast anima buffs hiding in the scroll frame
Seerah-39096 580d 23h 06m /
32 - update for 9.0
- fixed backdrop errors
- updated for modified quest api
Seerah-39096 633d 19h 47m /
31 - fix for if WFWW catches PEW before the default ObjectiveTracker does Seerah-39096 1441d 17h 15m /
30 - update for BfA
- cleaned up options tables
Seerah-39096 1446d 20h 02m /
29 - updated for Legion
- backend improvements for display of number of quests in log
Seerah-39096 2210d 22h 58m /
28 - added new option to display number of quests in log at top of tracker
- fixed display of "Objectives" text when the tracker is scrolled and then minimized
- right-clicking the minimize button to show the quest log will now click "View All Quests" for you - which is the reason why you opened the log, right?
Seerah-39096 2613d 12h 54m /
27 - fix bug with hidden scrollbar intercepting your mouse when you have scrolling disabled
- fix bug with pet battles (new objective tracker hides by default now, so WFWW's collapse in pet battles option now keeps the tracker from hiding, but will still collapse it)
Seerah-39096 2773d 13h 12m /
26 - tracker now inside a scroll frame - maybe fixed taint with delicate quest item buttons???
- securehook tracker's SetPoint function instead of overwriting - this should help the above as well
- tracker now inside a scroll frame! - scroll through your quests and stuff (can disable in options)
- option to disable art behind section titles
Seerah-39096 2784d 13h 59m /
25 - fixed the nil "header" error
- catching a few more fontstrings
Seerah-39096 2846d 13h 41m /
24 - removed offending code that was causing taint that prevented you from using quest items - new tracker, why you have to be so delicate??? (this also caused an option or two to disappear, and you may need to reload the UI if making changes to the font or font size)
- yay, better solution to keybind code changes! (NOTE: do a clean install or delete the old bindings.xml file)
Seerah-39096 2848d 14h 14m /
23 - rewritten for WoD
- most features have been re-implemented
- please file a bug report at my portal if you find any issues
Seerah-39096 2857d 15h 30m /
22 - updated TOC for 5.2
- updated libraries
- added new feature: can auto expand/collapse during pet battles (off by default)
Seerah-39096 3445d 20h 08m /
21 - should always be able to collapse/expand the watch frame now, even when the default UI doesn't think so
- will no longer show you as tracking 1 objective when really tracking nothing
Seerah-39096 3547d 13h 40m /
20 - updated TOC for 5.1
- option to collapse watch frame during pet battles
Seerah-39096 3548d 14h 11m /
19 - updated libs again Seerah-39096 3644d 22h 09m /
18 - removed "Monochrome" font flag because it crashes the client currently
- changed "Thick Outline" to "Monochrome Outline"
Seerah-39096 3645d 12h 50m /
17 - updated TOC for MoP
- updated libs
Seerah-39096 3645d 19h 30m /
16 - updated libs
- updated TOC number
- tweaked options layout to fit larger window
Seerah-39096 4059d 22h 57m /
15 - new: option to color border by class
- changed: border alpha now has it's own option (instead of being set with border color)
Seerah-39096 4079d 16h 26m /
14 - updated TOC to 40100
- updated libs
- added option to automagically collapse tracker when entering an instance
Seerah-39096 4103d 12h 48m /

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